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CIAFE (Council for International African Fashion Education) is a think-and-do tank dedicated to advancing and decentralising fashion education and research in Africa to enhance Africa’s fashion ecosystem and propel sustainable development and economic growth.

We have two core commitments:


Our organisation is committed to collaborating with educational institutions to decentralise and innovate the fashion curriculum and develop independent knowledge products, skills development programmes and corporate training with a core focus on closing the skills gap to build talent, future-proof the workforce, and meet the demands of the industry.


Our second commitment is to develop groundbreaking research and analysis to provide stakeholders with the required knowledge and solutions to advance the African Fashion Ecosystem, create employability opportunities, spur sustainable development, and drive economic growth.


We are a catalyst for impactful development and creating a more responsible African Fashion industry.


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Download the inaugural issue of the first ever Journal for African and Diaspora Fashion


This issue of the Journal for African and Diaspora Fashion is aimed at exploring and preserving the rich cultural heritage of African and Diaspora fashion. This includes documenting a variety of areas that provide more information on the African and Diasporan fashion culture and practices.  


Our mission as the Journal for African and Diaspora Fashion is to document and promote the African and Diaspora fashion industries' rich cultural heritage and contemporary innovation. Our research and publications aim to raise awareness and appreciation for these industries' unique contributions to the global fashion landscape.


Apply for a Micro Research Fund for Early Career Researchers

The CIAFE African Fashion Research Fund (AFRF) is beginning this initiative with a micro research grant designed to support early-career researchers in promoting research into African fashion, textiles, and related industries. At present, the grant targets early-career researchers interested in exploring the rich cultural heritage and economic potential of the African fashion ecosystem.


The focus of the research may be on a specific aspect of African/African Diaspora fashion, such as traditional textiles and weaving techniques, contemporary fashion trends and styles, sustainability, beauty and hair or the social and economic impact of the fashion industry on African communities and international markets. 

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Enrol for the Introductory Course on the History of African and Diaspora Fashion Course Now

The history of African and Diaspora fashion course has been designed to explore the rich history and culture of the fashion industry from various regions on the African continent and in the Diaspora. The course examines the foundations of Afro and Black fashion practices to create a link between the historical antecedents and the global fashion industry as we know it today.


If you enrol in this programme, the curriculum will cover the history of fashion on the continent and in various regions of the Diaspora, the business of the Afro-fashion industry and its influences on contemporary practices, and the history of African fashion on the continent and in the Diaspora. 


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Download your copy of the History of African and Diaspora Fashion 2023 course prospectus 

The prospectus provides detailed information about the course's modules, objectives, how to enrol, the mode of study and FAQ's.

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