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CIAFE Book Conversations

Dedicated to examining significant literature on African and diaspora fashion 

CIAFE Book Conversations are designed to examine significant fashion authors and their literature, in particular, how it contributes to African fashion education. The session features students, educators, heads of institutions and authors, who want to gain more insight into the African fashion industry.

Book Conversations takes place on Zoom and during the event, we are joined by amazing authors not only from the continent and the diaspora but authors who have published prominent fashion books. It is an open education event where you will be able to interact with different authors within the global fashion education community.


Book Conversations - June 2022 

Ken Kweku Nimo, a Ghanaian researcher, author and designer, joined us foor her June Book Conversation where he discussed his book "Africa in Fashion: Luxury, Craft and Textile Heritage".

The book draws attention to the potential of Africa's budding luxury industry as a catalyst for economic transformation and the advancement of Africa's fabled cultural renaissance. This and many more insights shared by the author made the conversation an eye opener for students, lecturers and professionals that wanted to gain more knowledge about Africa's luxury fashion industry. 

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Book Conversations - April 2022

On the 11th of April, we were joined by Elodie Rousselot, a Strategic Design Manager at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to discuss the book, 'The Circular Design for Fashion Book'. The live dialogue was an opportunity for our audience to learn more about contemporary circular fashion and ethical fashion practices in the industry.


The session featured students, educators, heads of institutions, and authors, who had very interesting questions and contributions regarding the conversation and the state of African fashion education.

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Book Conversations - January 2022

In January, our executive director, Frederica Brooksworth, sat down with Helen Jennings to discuss her brilliant book 'New African Fashion'.


It was a very insightful session as Helen spoke about her journey writing and publishing the book at a time when African fashion was rarely spoken about; the beliefs and perspectives she challenged with concepts in her book; the lack of access to important African fashion literature by schools on the continent; and some other notable literature she has developed and contributed to on the state of African fashion

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