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About the CIAFE AFE Honours List

The African Fashion Education Honours List is an initiative of the Council for International African Fashion Education. The goal of the CIAFE African Fashion Awards for educational excellence is to recognise academic fashion institutions making outstanding contributions to education in the areas of teaching, educational leadership and innovation, curriculum development, faculty development, research and scholarly activity. These institutions have made significant impact on the lives of fashion students amd professionals in Africa and the AFE Awards and Honours List acknowledges their outstanding contribution to fashion education. 


The Honours List has been set up in line with the aim of the Council:


  • To recognise and commend institutions for their contribution to the growth of fashion education in Africa.​

  • To motivate institutions to do more to contribute to the growth of fashion education in Africa.

  • To highlight to the continent and the world at large the impact these institutions are making.

African Fashion Education Honours List Categories

Fashion Universities


Honours universities and colleges in Africa that offer degrees and have a comprehensive curriculum content which covers other areas of fashion aside design and cutting, infrastructure and a strong and notable alumni network.


Independent Diploma and Certificate Schools


​Recognises colleges and schools that offer diploma and certificate courses with good contents and making an impact on fashion education in their communities.

Learning Networks

This category will honour African fashion organisations that share knowledge to enrich the experience of formal, school-based learning that fashion students on the continent have and form a viable setting for professional development. 

2022 African Fashion Education

For the maiden edition of the CIAFE 2022 African Fashion Education Honours List, we have selected the academic fashion institutions that have ticked a lot of boxes from prioritsing fashion education in Africa to ensuring the development of business skills for fashion creatives to providing holistic curriculums and connecting fashion students and professionals the work experience opportunites on the continent and in the diaspora. These organisations have consistently shown excellence in and we are proud to be honouring them in 2022 AFE Honours List 


What are the requirements for nominations?

Nominated academic institutions must be located in Africa, must be registered in the country of its operations and must have been in existence for over two years. 


​Is there a fee involved in the nomination process?

​Nominations are free.

When do nominations for the 2023 awards open and close?

Applications open on the 1st of July and close on the October 31st at 5pm UTC, 2023

How do I nominate a fashion school?

If you know an academic fashion institution improving fashion education on the continent who deserves an honour, please contact the Honours Team at