Digital skills are constantly changing, and professional skills are essential in helping you stand out in the work environment. To stay abreast with new trends in the fashion industry due to technological integrations, fashion entrepreneurs and professionals need to build on their skill sets continuously.


Council for International African Fashion Education's Digital and Professional Centre Digital is a resource training centre that provides up-to-date soft and hard skills to incorporate into your work and business.

Through courses and training, the Digital and Professional Centre will help people understand how to leverage tech tools to manage to grow their business, market their products, and provide valuable tips on running and growing a business. 

Additionally, Council for International African Fashion Education understands the importance of soft skills, like communicating and networking and will provide tips on developing the best.


Some of the skills that The Council for International African Fashion Education’s Digital and Professional Skills will provide courses on include:


  • Core and Basic business skills - learn about the best ways to market your product and develop skills to help you further your careers, such as public speaking and business communication.

  • Computer literacy - learn ways to leverage digital tools to grow your business, including Whatsapp for Business, Canva, and Excel.

  • Business Writing - learning how to write effectively is essential for running a successful business. We will teach you ways to use structure and vocabulary to write more compellingly.

  • IT productivity skills - learn how to maximise productivity using various tools and methods.

  • Money management - understand how to create a budget, manage accounts and solve financial problems.

The skills lab will launch in Winter 2021. Please do stay updated via our newsletter.