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5 Reasons why Internships are Important for Fashion Education

Internships are a first-hand experience to a career aspiration and a way for students or any individual looking to gain work experience and develop their skills. As a result, it is vital to include internships in the fashion education space.

We put together five reasons why internships are important for fashion education.

First-hand experience

Undertaking internships are essential to gain experience within the fashion sector. It's an excellent opportunity for students to apply theory to practice and use the skills they've learned in the classroom. It will also help them gain a better understanding of the subject matter in real-time.

Enhance your knowledge and develop new skills

Internships aren't just for adding a new job role to your resume but is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge in a particular subject area. Additionally, internships allow students to gain transferable skills which can apply in the future.

Decide if the fashion industry is right for you.

Students often begin programmes with a fixed mindset to become designers, stylists, or writers. However, work experience allows you to learn about different roles in the fashion industry and gain a taste of what it's like to decide if it's the path you want to go down.

Character Growth

Characteristics such as self-motivation, trustworthiness, commitment, dedication are essential for working in the fashion industry. Taking that leap from student to professional during the internship often shifts the mindset of students. Having hard skills are impressive; however, employers often look for these qualities in candidates.


Internships are essential in preparing students for work-life and giving them greater employment opportunities after they graduate. Employers are usually looking for career-ready individuals equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge required for the role.


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