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Introducing the 'State of African Fashion 2021 Report'

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

With more light being shed on and an increased interest in African fashion, and since there has been a rise in the number of fashion institutions across Africa, we believed that a report was needed in order to provide hidden insights on the fashion education industry.

With the spotlight on the growing fashion scene of the African continent, there has been an increased interest in the African Fashion Industry leading to a rise in fashion institutions across the continent, but unfortunately a huge majority of the courses they offer are design focused. This causes a deficiency in the structure of African fashion education as the other aspects of fashion are being neglected.

State of the Fashion Education in Africa is an annual report which examines the current state of Fashion Education on the continent. The aim of the report is to provide stakeholders with an overview and insight to help inform decisions and provide recommendations on what we can do to develop our system further. We hope that through State of the Fashion Education in Africa 2021, there will be an increased awareness on the issues the African fashion industry is facing, which will in turn channel change to the industry.


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