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Andre Leon Talley - Pioneers Who Shaped America's Fashion Industry

Andre Leon Talley was a prolific fashion journalist, editor, curator, public speaker and television personality. Known for his vast fashion knowledge and analytical eye, Talley was widely celebrated for his genius as an editor and creative director. Talley’s career spanned notable institutions and publications, starting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and extending to Interview Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, W Magazine and Vogue.

Talley was known for his contributions to the diversification of Vogue magazine: through the greater inclusion of Black models and greater integration of celebrities into magazine features. Talley was known for his ability to connect with professionals throughout the fashion industry, from designers to models; being able to incorporate his knowledge of fashion history into contemporary style sensibilities.


Image: Andre Leon Talley for The Guardian Newspaper_23 May 2020_Photograph courtesy of Squire Fox.

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