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How Are Gen-Z Interacting with African Fashion?

By Cheyenne Daniels

In this generation, social media has an overwhelming influence in every area of life and the fashion industry is no exception. This year especially the focus has been on social media and the influencers that manage it. Generation Z has had a massive impact on the success of many industries such as technology, food, fashion, cosmetics and music. In essence, Gen Z has the power to make any business boom.

Tiktok, a lip-syncing social app, skyrocketed in popularity last year due to the pandemic and proved to have tremendous impact on trends. Due to its accessibility in many countries ithas created a platform for Africans, African Americans and African culture to be brought to light. A trend that made headlines was teens wearing traditional African clothing to their prom. TikTok’s “For You Page” had hundreds of videos showcasing black teens in beautiful African prints on their prom night. Wearing traditional cultural clothing to prom was very uncommon until this trend took off but it has greatly contributed to the growth and awareness of African fashion within the US. Many viewers who were unfamiliar with this type of clothing were enlightened and began to appreciate the beautiful cultures from which they spring. This demonstrates the endless possibilities for creating cultural awareness.


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