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How To Build Authentic Networks within The Fashion Industry

By Advika Srivastava

Breaking into the fashion industry is a difficult task as a new graduate. Besides keeping up-to-date with the skills required by the industry and continuing to work hard on your designs, there is also a need for you to network and create connections within the industry in order to succeed. These are our top tips to build authentic connections within the fashion industry.

Research - Make a list of professionals and brands in the fashion industry who inspire you the most. Research them thoroughly and think of some interesting questions that you may have for them.

Prepare yourself - Ensure that your resume and portfolio is up to date and create a short, engaging “elevator pitch”. In this elevator pitch, make sure to introduce yourself, justify why you would be an asset, and mention what is unique about you and your designs. You should be able to convince the professional to look at your portfolio.

Leverage social media to network and connect - Reach out to professionals and companies that interest you through email, LinkedIn or social media like Facebook and Instagram. Talk about why you’re interested in their career/ their brand and attempt to set up some informational meetings. Stay connected with them online and try to contact numerous individuals.

Attend local fashion events - Attending local fashion shows, events and panels (whether virtually or in-person) can be a great way to meet peers and professionals in the industry. This is your opportunity to deliver your elevator pitch. Try to use this opportunity to have authentic and meaningful conversation, and give the professional a chance to talk about themselves.

Photo credits:

Collage created by: Eyram Rafael

Images used: DebonairAfrik and GoDaddy Studio.


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