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Introducing CIAFE Advisory Board Member - Baboa Tachie-Menson

Baboa Tachie-Menson is the Founder and CEO of Balmlabs, a 3D digital fashion agency. She has a passion for developing creative solutions at the intersection of fashion and technology.

Her aim is to see the majority of fashion designers around her utilise modern techniques in the design and creation process in order to reduce the amount of materials being wasted whilst expanding on their creativity.

During her time at Levi Strauss & Co, Baboa Tachie-Menson added value to the company’s design process by using cutting-edge simulation technologies such as Clo3d to create virtual, true-to-life garment visualization.

Baboa has been featured in Vogue Business and has been recognized as a Clo3D Power User. She is currently based in Accra, Ghana.


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