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Introducing CIAFE Advisory Board Member- Ken Kweku Nimo

Ken Kweku Nimo is a Ghanaian researcher, Author and designer. He holds a BA honours in

fashion merchandising and MA in Design from the University of Johannesburg. Ken’s work

underscores the potential of Africa’s budding luxury industry as a catalyst for economic

transformation and the advancement of Africa’s fabled cultural renaissance. His work has been

published in the Journal of Design, Business and Society, and a regular speaker at the

prestigious In Pursuit of Luxury Conference (IPO): a pioneering platform for interdisciplinary

dialogue on luxury. He is a contributing author to MacMillan’s forthcoming title Fashion

Marketing in Emerging Economies and the Reviews Editor for Luxury Studies, a Journal

dedicated to proceedings from IPOL. As researcher, author and design practitioner, Ken is able

to dissect and distil the critical issues of African luxury in a quantitative and practical manner.

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