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Jay Jaxon - Pioneers Who Have Shaped America's Fashion Industry

Jay Jason Jaxon was a fashion designer who made historical imprints on the fashion industry. He established a brand heralding his officially changed name of “Jay Jason Jaxon”, prior to his leave for Paris in 1968. In Paris, he gained a wealth of design knowledge by working for notable couture Maisons namely, Jean-Louis Scherrer, Yves Saint Laurent, and Christian Dior.

In the mid-70s, Jaxon returned to New York City and created his own collections which featured elevated sportswear, after which he moved out to California. While in Los Angeles, he designed costumes for films, TV, dance performances, and singers’ tours. His aesthetic was consistent, with a focus on clean, fluid pieces. Though they expressed simplicity, his garments, even sporty ones, carried a sense of sophistication and grace.


Image: Jay Jaxon featured on FIT Newsroom_2019_Image Courtesy of Rachel Fenderson Collection.

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