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Should the Metaverse be included in the fashion curriculum today?

Innovating the fashion curriculum in Africa

1. Prepare students for the virtual world

With the rise of digitising fashion items, it is essential for educators to equip students with the knowledge to understand the innovations within the industry. The metaverse is a combination of multiple technologies, namely Virtual reality (VR), Augmented reality (AR) and 3D elements. These are technologies that fashion brands and businesses have been using to give people virtual experiences through shopping, fashion shows etc. Fashion schools can incorporate teaching subjects about VR, AR and 3D elements to propel students for the digital fashion world.

2. Institutions should ensure they have adequate resources to provide knowledge and train students

Not only is it important to discuss the theory of the metaverse’ effects on fashion, but it’s equally important to ensure students understand and know how to use the technologies to develop fashion assets for the metaverse.

This subject shouldn’t be added to a curriculum just as a checkbox activity. It’s essential that institutions are providing students with the resources they need in order to truly contribute and lead the fashion industry within the metaverse. The biggest advantage of fashion education leading this conversation is that we can ensure the purpose of fashion (or history) doesn’t get lost in the technology. Teaching students from the perspective of the fashion industry will ensure students understand how to incorporate fashion’s core values into the latest innovations.

3. Expose students to other career opportunities

By teaching about this particular subject, this can shed light on the jobs of the future. Studying fashion design does not mean you will become a garment technologist or pattern maker, you can become a 3D fashion designer. The metaverse will create a variety of job opportunities from developing to cyber security.

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