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The importance of African fashion bloggers & how they can positively impact the Fashion Industry

By Eyram Rafael

The emergence of blogs has revolutionized many industries, particularly the fashion industry, where it has been the most impactful. From fashion lovers sharing succinct and quick-witted styling hacks down to the accessible runway shows ever-present on many Instagram microblogs. African fashion bloggers have been up to the task as well, sharing their unique spin-offs of trends and fabulous African fashion. While it is a fact that African fashion bloggers are essential to the industry, they can go beyond the trends and cute Instagram pictures to play an instrumental role that contributes to the growth of the African fashion industry. They can make an impact in the industry through the following means;

Curating and telling African fashion stories:

Fashion goes hand in hand with storytelling, and African fashion bloggers can bridge the current gap by being at the forefront of fashion storytelling on the continent. Through outfit posts, fashion collection reviews in addition to curated editorials, African fashion bloggers can share stories that put African fashion in the right light. This will go a long way to help rewrite stereotypical narratives about African fashion, which will have beautiful effects on the African fashion industry, like inducing more patronage of African designers and the subsequent growth of the African fashion industry.

Global representation:

African fashion bloggers can also play an essential role in being the face of fashion brands on the continent. Most bloggers have a cult following of fashion enthusiasts, both locally and internationally. With this large following, African fashion bloggers can start representing and providing more visibility for the continent’s fashion industry by showing more African fashion outfits, writing blog posts that highlight different facets of the African fashion industry.

Market Promotion:

With huge followings, African fashion bloggers can become influencers, motivating people to patronize African fashion brands. Bloggers like Afua Rida and Denola Grey already have a track record of collaborating with African fashion brands on campaigns that help promote the designs of fashion houses based in Africa. Fashion bloggers can emulate this to help grow the industry. Some bloggers can also run discount codes and sweepstakes that promote African fashion designs to help grow the African fashion industry.

With all these positive contributions, African fashion bloggers can positively impact the African fashion industry.

Image collage: Eyram Rafael


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