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Top Strategies to use to Increase Conversions

Thomasina R. Legend

As a fashion brand/business, your conversion rate is the most crucial metric in digital marketing. A conversion can be any action that brings your business closer to making a sale, from people who make appointments, fill out contact forms, call you, and request free quotes all count as conversions. The whole point of digital marketing is to maximise conversions for the cheapest-possible price. In this article, we'll help you understand why conversions are crucial to your success and our top tips on how to strategise to increase your conversion rates for success.

Optimising your online marketing campaigns is the cheapest way to boost your profits. Optimising for a higher conversion rate means more bang for the buck. Here are some of the top reasons why conversion rates matter so important to customers and business owners.

One of the first things to remember about the importance of conversions rates is that they can predict the success or failure of your business. With help from analytics reports, you can see which parts of your business get the strongest conversions. Weaker conversion rates indicate where your business strategy needs work. Analytics reports can help you to predict which audiences are likely to become your best customers.

The second point is that better conversion rates can inherently save you money. A higher conversion rate lets you cover more ground without increasing your ad budget, or you can reduce the ad budget and have cash leftover for testing new marketing tactics. Campaigns with better conversion rates are generally more efficient than campaigns with weaker conversion rates.

Thirdly and to the point, focusing on conversion rates will improve your website. Creating an airtight sales funnel is the key to boosting conversion rates. Your campaigns, your website and your sales processes need to be as in sync as possible. As you learn which factors are most important for driving conversions on your website, you'll eventually discover how to make your site more valuable.

Understanding how important conversion rates are essential to the success of your fashion brand, here are a few tips on how to strategically get those rates working in your favour.

Customer Experience

Learning how to personalise your customers' experience will be one of your driving successes. Currently, more than half of consumers want a level of personalisation before they interact with any brand's website. How you share your brand's story and the type of content you create, and your brand's tone of voice via your social media platforms will have your customers clicking through to your website. It is essential to create a community with your customers through your marketing efforts to keep improving your customer's experience, which will increase your conversions. When it comes to personalisation, you should focus on two key areas, such as the shopping experience and the Ads. With the shopping experience, If you're looking for a personal shopping experience on your website, make sure you're taking the proper steps. If your site's personalisation feels natural, it's closer to personal. Try to make it as genuine and authentic as possible and if you don't know how to do this or achieve it, research other brands that are making it work and see how they reach the level of success with their customer experience on their websites.

Product Knowledge and know-how

It is very vital to ensure that your customers know how to use your products. Clothing might be photographed nicely, but at the same time, it is essential to show the functionality of each piece with the best visuals. It lets your customers engage with how your clothing is best worn. Create style guides and gift guides to increase upsells and decrease returns. In creating style and gift guides, you're able to create product bundles as well.

Buying Audience

As a brand that has already researched and knows its target audience, it is vital to also begin to research and be in tune with your buying audience. When you research your buying audience, you will know more about their patterns and buying behaviour and then cater to them.


A lot of people think blogs are dead, but really and truly they're not. Creating a blog for your brand can be a great way to drive organic traffic to your website. Be authentic with your blog. Share the BTS moments, share the not so great highlights, the process and more. People are genuinely interested in these aspects of a brand's journey and invest in it. Make your blog the go-to for all things related to your brand's DNA and journey, enabling you to establish yourself as the expert you are through the content you share on your blog. It is important to create engaging, relevant, value-driven and purposeful blog content. By doing this, you help drive engagement, which also leads to your audience sharing your valuable content across social media platforms, thereby fostering relationships between your brand and its valuable customers.


Research confirmed that most millennial customers would prefer to read reviews other customers have left before buying from a brand. Reviews are, therefore, very important for your brand. How can you get your positive reviews? You can achieve this by customers buying from you, and you're getting them to leave feedback that is relevant for your business. The best way to get your customers engaging and buying is by providing them with value-driven content, which can be achieved through influencer marketing. Collaborating with the right influencers can drive traffic to your website, which can be converted to sales and then reviews.

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