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CIAFE Tech Workshops 

Tailored workshops for industry professionals and academics to gain knowledge on technologies impacting the fashion industry and academia

CIAFE presents a 60-minute technology workshop to provide educators and students with the resources to deepen their knowledge about technologies impacting fashion education and the industry. The monthly workshop deep dives into relevant topics and highlights practical tech skill sets needed within fashion education.


In 2022, CIAFE introduced the Tech Skill Workshops to educate fashion students, academics and professionals on how to incorporate technology in their academic schemes and businesses.


The first edition, ‘Fashion Technology 101’, was held on the 14th of January and was highly informative for every attendee. Our Operations Director, Coy Griffin explored the fundamentals of technology in fashion. In this session, she covered important topics such as: 

  • The essentials of fashion technology;

  • Fashion technology curricula; and 

  • Educational tools for innovation in the fashion industry

The session ended with an interactive Q&A segment where a lot of interesting questions were addressed. 

With technology playing an increasingly important role in fashion education and industry, in June at CIAFE, our fashion tech workshop focused on educating our audience on the intersection between fashion and technology.
Our Operations Director, Coy Griffin delivered a Fashion Tech Lecture titled “Demystifying Fashion Technology: Theory and Breakdown of Fashion Technology”. In this session, she covered both new and traditional technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, ERPs, CAD, 3D Design, metaverse, Web 3 and NFTs to see how they affect fashion students, academics and professionals. 

The session was held on the 2nd of June at 5pm UTC time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the workshops cover: 

  • An overview of the topic, examples and supporting case studies.

  • An open forum discussion to ask questions and interact with CIAFE knowledge experts.

  • Hands-on 15 minute interactive activity to deepen understanding of the topic.


Who is the Workshop for?

Fashion students and educators who want to deepen their knowledge about technologies impacting the fashion education industry.

Technology Required 

  • A laptop that is in good condition

  • Strong and reliable internet connection as you will need this to participate effectively 

What is the cost of the workshop?

There is no cost for the course it is free

Structure of the workshop?

Each workshop will consist of a 25 min presentation, 15 minute activity, and 20min Q&A/discussion.

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