The Language Centre

The Language Centre initiative by CIAFE was created to contribute to breaking language barriers globally. Under this initiative, CIAFE has been able to put out two virtual classes, the French Class and the Portuguese class which have been tremendously beneficial to the attendees of the class allowing us to keep realising our goal of teaching people in different languages to help bridge the language barrier gap in communicating with other African countries and other countries.

French Class


Learn the fundamentals of French with CIAFE as we bring back our French Class in Spring 2022. Our maiden open education French class was held in the Autumn of 2021, which was spread over the course of four weeks.


The French class is a great opportunity for fashion educators, professionals, students or enthusiasts who want to learn the basics of French and also learn how to communicate with french speaking people within the fashion industry. Alongside basic french terms, the class teaches fundamental terms to know in fashion, which can help you hold a conversation with people within the fashion industry.

Portuguese Class


In Spring 2022, we are bringing back our Portuguese class to help you learn the basics of Portuguese. Like the French class, the Portuguese class will be spread over 4 weeks to teach you the basics of Portuguese.


The class is open to fashion professionals, students, educators and enthusiasts who will like to learn the fundamentals of Portuguese.


Language is the most direct connection to other cultures. Communicating in another language exposes us to and fosters an appreciation for the traditions, religions, arts, and history of the people associated with that language. Greater understanding, in turn, promotes greater tolerance, empathy, and acceptance of others.

"The four once a week sessions went very quick.  Although an ‘accelerated’ course, I looked forward to it every week. It was captivating and engaging. I enjoyed every moment, especially the practical segments which gave us an opportunity to practice sentences and learn the correct pronunciation of French words.

Although the grammar was very intense, it has set a good foundation for learning French. One can only build on it. Thank you for all the resources you shared. Now it’s about building on the foundation and practice speaking French at any opportune time."

- Irene Emily Richmond

Irene Emily.jpg

"I am elated I took part in such a wonderful class organised by your team. It was very amazing. The content was rich and voluminous, yet the tutor was great in going through every detail with us. The resources you shared after every class was a very good initiative as well. I loved everything about the class sessions. Thank you for giving me such an awesome opportunity. "

- Mary Abrafi-Boateng


"Sincerely, the four weeks brought back the much needed enthusiasm I once had for the French language. I enjoyed each sessions regardless of how stretching they were. The tutor was so patient and thorough and the practical session was fun and engaging. Thank you CIAFE for such a great initiative.”

Damilola Ademilokun (thenaijafashiongeeks)

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