About The Council for International African Fashion Education 

The Council for International African Fashion Education (CIAFE) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the standards of Fashion Education in Africa to close the knowledge and skills gap, create opportunities for future talent and contribute to economic growth. Our aim is to also support the development of decolonising of the fashion curriculum within European and North American institutions.


About Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases
Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases brings fashion business to life and creates a link between education and industry. Designed to help students develop the essential business skills required by the next generation of fashion industry professionals, this digital resource is global in focus and presents real-world cases on challenges facing the business of fashion, tackling important issues such as sustainability, technology, ethics, and leadership. The resource is tailored to provide the tools to steer students toward success as they transition to a career in fashion.

About the CIAFE Bloomsbury Case Study collection
The CIAFE Bloomsbury Case Study was created to develop scholarly activity on the African continent. We will be covering many perspectives such as Afro-Brazilian Fashion, Afro-Italian Fashion, Black American Fashion, Black British Fashion and more.

How to Participate 

If you have ever considered getting published, then this is a great opportunity to share your knowledge with fashion stakeholders. We invite you to share your interest with us. To give you an idea we have researchers and educators working on topics such as sustainability, luxury, branding, cultural and historical contexts.  We will be having workshops to help develop writing skills and guide you on how to write an academic paper.


We will be sharing more information over the next few weeks with you and if you have any questions please email us at contact@ciafe.org