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The State of Fashion Education in Africa 2021 - July 2021

The State of the Fashion Education in Africa is an annual report which examines the current state of Fashion Education on the continent. The aim of the report is to provide stakeholders with an overview and insights to help inform decisions and provide recommendations on what we can do to develop our system further.


What Should be Taught in Fashion Schools in Africa - December 2021

Our first report State of Fashion 2021 highlighted that the curriculum in fashion schools in Africa is heavily focused on fashion design. During a roundtable session in July 2021, board members highlighted gaps within the fashion curriculum in African institutions and provided actionable recommendations to enhance it. This white paper highlights six subjects that can advance the current curriculum in fashion schools in Africa.


Improving the Standards of Fashion Education in Africa - September 2021

Despite the growth in fashion institutions and fashion courses across Africa, various barriers prevent many institutions from growing and developing further. This report aims to explore a breakdown of issues and solutions to improve fashion education in Africa. This report was developed from a board meeting that took place in July 2021.


Essential Skills Needed In The African Fashion Industry In 2022 - January 2022

This month’s report is focused on essential skills needed for professionals in the African fashion industry.  With attention to the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainability and digitalisation, we have compiled a list of skills that every fashion practitioner will need in 2022. The growing reliance on digital technology in communication processes presents a new challenge for African fashion practitioners.