Guest Lectures

CIAFE Guest Lectures is an event where we invite industry experts to educate academics, students, researchers, educators, and fashion business owners interested in learning and gaining insight into the fashion industry.


At Guest Lectures, researchers or industry professionals teach on a specialist subject. This is a great opportunity to gain knowledge in diverse fashion education topics from different experts within the fashion education space.

The event usually takes place from 5:00pm - 6:00pm UTC.

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Guest Lecture - April 2022

On the 27th of April was in conversation with Stephanie Baker-Fry the Knowledge Exchange Lead for the School of Media and Communication at the London College of Fashion. Over a period spanning close to two decades, she has developed strategies for international luxury brands, start-ups, media groups and non-profits across the B2C and B2B sectors.

In the lecture, she discussed public relations in the fashion industry and provided an introductory overview of what PR in the fashion industry is, what the role entails and the stakeholders in fashion PR. This lecture was a great learning experience for students, academics, researchers and fashion professionals looking to gain insight into fashion public relations as part of the global fashion industry.

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Guest Lecture - February 2022

To celebrate Black History Month in America, our guest lecture for the month of February featured Taniqua Martin, a content creator and the host of Black Fashion History Podcast, a podcast that focuses on Black people's contributions to the fashion industry across time periods.


Taniqua presented 'A Timeline of the Black American Fashion Industry - Past & Present'. The lecture was an excellent resource for academics, students, researchers, educators, and fashion enthusiasts to gain insight into the historical development of Black American fashion and how it has shaped the industry as we know it today. It also highlighted the achievements and contributions of Black fashion designers who have had an impact on the American fashion industry.


Guest Lecture - January 2022

For our January Guest Lecture we were joined our Istituto Marangoni Lecturers Sennait Ghebreab froom the London Campus and Daniele D'orazi from the Milan Campus. During the lecture we explored sustainability, innovative business models, the impact of digitalisation and branding.

The lecture titled 'The sustainability opportunity for fashion brands in the post-COVID scenario' provided in-depth understanding for our attendees: academics, students, researchers, educators, and fashion business owners who wanted to learn and gain insight into sustainability and how to integrate it into business practices.

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