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Grace Mahary: Pioneers Who Have Shaped America's Fashion Industry


Born in Edmonton, Canada, to Eritrean parents, Grace Mahary's upbringing in a diverse environment shaped her identity and perspective. At just 21 years old, she entered the "Mode Models International" contest, marking the beginning of her remarkable journey in the world of modeling.

In an industry historically plagued by underrepresentation, Mahary's ascent marked a significant shift. She shattered racial barriers and gained recognition for her distinctive look, poised demeanor, and undeniable talent. Mahary's presence challenged conventional beauty standards in the fashion industry, pushing against long-established norms.

Her transformative entry into the modeling world, initiated by her participation in the aforementioned competition, serves as a powerful illustration of how individuals can reshape and reinterpret industry norms, fostering a more inclusive and diverse environment. Mahary's narrative underscores the importance of recognizing and valuing the unique perspectives that arise from diverse backgrounds in creating a more vibrant and varied fashion landscape.


Grace Mahary is not only a prominent figure in the fashion world but also an advocate for social change and philanthropy. Her collaborations with prestigious designers like Givenchy, Chanel, and Diane von Fürstenberg have not only elevated her status but also paved the way for other Black models. Mahary's exceptional adaptability and versatility allowed her to break through cultural and geographical barriers, establishing herself as an iconic figure in the global fashion industry.

Beyond her remarkable career achievements, Mahary is actively engaged in social advocacy and charitable endeavors. Her legacy goes beyond the superficial aspects of the fashion industry, deepened by her commitment to using her platform to address critical social issues, particularly those related to racial equality and representation.

Mahary serves as an inspiration to aspiring Black models and designers through her work in initiatives that promote equal opportunities, even if not overtly stated. Her actions underscore the significance of leveraging one's influence to bring about positive change in society.

Grace Mahary's continuous accomplishments in her career not only showcase her success but also serve as a role model for those who aspire to challenge conventional beauty norms and redefine standards of beauty. Alongside her achievements, she continues to inspire the next generation of fashion enthusiasts, particularly within the Black community. Her influence reaches a global scale.

In the world of fashion, Mahary stands as a role model for her determination to break through barriers and challenge preconceptions. Her influence transcends the realms of art, delving into matters of social change and activism. Mahary's enduring legacy underscores the role individuals can play in shaping a future that is more inclusive and representative while serving as a constant reminder of the transformative potential that comes with questioning traditions in the ever-evolving fashion landscape. Her journey exemplifies the profound impact that can result from the courage to challenge the status quo.



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