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How Tik Tok Influencers are Changing Fashion

By Destiny Mercado

TikTok, the fastest growing social media app worldwide, has quickly become the most downloaded app on the web today with over 1 billion active users. An entertainment platform with background sounds and tracks allows users to make 15 to 60 second comedy, dancing and acting videos with great variety. It has expanded the social circle of the youth but targets audiences of all ages.

TikTok fashion influencers are changing the game. With the help of hashtags, sounds and flexible creativity, they’re expanding fashion trends and styles across the globe. They’reusing strategies like hauls, pr box reviews and styling as a way to showcase their fashion style. And apparently, TikTok is actually changing the term ‘influencer’ and reevaluating its purpose. It’s not just to showcase one’s lifestyle or show pr hauls anymore.

How are fashion influencers engaging with their audience without imagery? By using their opinions and personality which moves the algorithm more than hauls or endorsements ever will. They accomplish this by bringing awareness to underrated topics such as sustainability, trends, history, ethics and much more. Using critical thought as a form of influencing gains trust and creates viewer loyalty. Many videos create a sense of one-on-one interaction with a friend (influencer) who is fashion savvy just like you. A bond starts to form between the viewer and content creator which allows them to feel personally connected and this brings a new perspective to fashion that incorporates so much more than creating style through clothing.


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