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Naomi Sims - Pioneers Who Have Shaped America's Fashion Industry

Naomi Sims is considered to be one of the first Black supermodels. While the term gained popularity in the 1990s with the likes of Naomi Campbell and Iman, Sims was the first commercially successful print model in the late 1960s, after appearing on the cover of Ladies’ Home Journal in 1968. Sims soon graced the covers of other mainstream publications like Cosmopolitan, Life Magazine and the New York Times Magazine.

Although Sims had a short career that spanned only 5 years, she continued to be a successful businesswoman after making a lasting impact on how the world views Black women and Black beauty. Sims went on to develop a line of wigs specifically for Black women, as well as authoring a number of books related to her experience as a Black woman in business and in fashion.


Image: Naomi Sims. Image by Anthony Barboza via Getty Images_Date Unknown.

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