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Recommended Resource - Everywhere and Nowhere by Lindsay Peoples Wagner

Everywhere and Nowhere: What it’s really like to be black and work in fashion by Lindsay Peoples Wagner

This article addresses how Black people in the fashion industry have historically been required to dim their ‘blackness’ to continue to have a seat at the table.

Lindsay explores the public acts of racism in the industry towards Black people. She stated that less than 10 per cent of the 146 fashion designers who showed at the major fall 2018 shows for New York Fashion Week were Black, and only 1,173 Black models out of 7,608 model castings walked. She also adduced reasons for these occurrences including financial barriers, social obstacles, colourism and bias. She concludes by stating that although there is a gradual shift occurring regarding the treatment of Black people in fashion, a lot more needs to be done to give Black designers equitable access and opportunities in the industry.


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