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Sustainable African Fashion Companies to keep an eye out for 2021

By Advika Srivastava

Sustainability has been an issue in the global fashion industry over the years, and recently sustainable practices are being adopted worldwide. A fashion brand needs to begin adopting sustainable practices to become successful and survive in the current economy. Let us look at some sustainable African fashion brands to guide our journey towards sustainability.

1. Maxhosa Africa - Maxhosa Africa is one of the most recognized luxury fashion brands in South Africa. To become sustainable, Maxhosa Africa adopted slow fashion and started buying resources like wool and manufacturing locally. They also appeal to their audience by ensuring that they can get natural woollen yarn without any synthetic material.

2. Buki Akomolafe - Buki Akomolafe has been able to remain sustainable and accountable to its audience by using the best, eco-friendly materials like certified cotton, organic hemp silk, and African wax prints.

3. Suave Kenya - Suave Kenya is a brand that creates sustainable leather goods, backpacks and accessories. Suave Kenya uses unwanted fabrics and leathers to create all their products; thus, helping reduce the amount of waste generated.

4. Espadril - Espadril sells locally produced espadrilles made using local textiles, resources and labour. They have also leveraged slow fashion and adopted a zero-waste approach, where their shoes are made only to order.

While being 100% sustainable is difficult, fashion brands worldwide can start becoming more sustainable one step at a time by looking at the above brands and their sustainability techniques as inspiration.

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